RadHuman: Martin Luther King Day….Thoughts

50 plus years since Martin Luther King was killed. Today we celebrate him for his vision, for his efforts, for his life. We have come along way and we still have along way to go. Human rights are a passion for me, a part of my life and design of my vision and efforts to be a better human and to leave the world a better place for my children and the next generations to come. When I vision the future of RadHuman and my aspirations for the company and its platform to share, shine and incubate the human spirit to be better to be better humans that create and design communities that interact, engage and learn from one another.

When I think of Martin Luther King….I think of a person that thought about purpose and looked at human design….looked at humanity and looked at the why? Looked at the plight of being “Black in America” looked at being Human in America and looked at the world of history and saw himself and saw his vision and gave his all to uphold a simple truth that man is created equal and that all men shall be treated as equals…this was his Christian Faith…his learned faith and deep felt religion and education. Mr. King had a bigger belief and understanding that he was not alone and that he had purpose and a mission deep in his story and it was about being HUMAN and being equal and sharing in that simple and profound basic human rights…..We are our Brothers Keeper….All Men and Women are equal in Gods Eyes.

I’m sending love to the World, I’m sending love to America and I’m sending love to you and your families and a special shout out and thank you to Mr. Martin Luther King for his story, his passion and his love.

Stay Rad My Friends 🙂

President Rad

Tony 🙂


Santa Monica, California

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