RadHuman Series: Maya Angelou

One of my heroes is Maya Angelou..the can do attitude of showing up to life and living that would be my love affair with Ms. Angelou…show up with your heart and energy and see where the magic bus of life takes you down the stream of your soul storied journey of your life’s song.  Ms. Angelou was an accomplished creative force of information about the human soul and the life of being human. She had the unique gift to describe her experience as a black woman growing up in america and in the same breath making us all feel human in her REACH bringing us closer bring us together sharing the journey of being human. For this I thank you for your spirit, your radness and your love of life and your fellow human. You Are Rad Maya :))) Big Love..President Rad :)))ss-140528-Maya-Angelou-21.ss_full320131205-203203

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