RadHuman Thoughts (Adapting)

Imagine all the people.

living life as one.

I woke up this morning with the sound of rain and birds chirping here in Los Angeles. Yesterday we had the biggest crash in our history in the dow/stock market and the coronavirus is starting to spread around the globe.

We are ALWAYS at amazing times in our History as a planet. Often times we think we are different then one another ; I ask our we different? Yes, but how…How are we different then our fellow man.

2. If man is the same but different because of location/religion/education/biological size…etc.

How do we evolve? how do we synergize? how do we co-create. Well we have that’s what we do it’s what we’ve done and what’s we are doing now…Looking how we’ve changed/morphed/ADAPTED.

When I think of the world and I think on the word ADAPT…..that to me is the key…is how do we ADAPT..how do we dance with eachother in these hightened focused tumultoulsy times that have more media and more communicative technology speed ever in the history of the world. Everybody is on their PHONES……The Phone Is Tree/Connector/Roots to our existence..which is DATA…U know someone’s DATA you know someone’s story …U just have to add the DETAILS. As an artist/communicator/human well being activist….My goal is to adapt with the times and to be able to help the world become more connected with one another….more adaptable and more accepting and more appreciative of our uniqueness and help grow THAT.

3. It’s vital for our adapting and changing to have difference…if we become too much the same it stagnates our species…we have to KEEP moving and working with the elements of the earth.

4. Health Is WEALTH – This is really the number #1 and it goes back to how we adapt and how we work/communicate/share/learn/develop/with the world/with our self/with our family/with our neighbor/with our co-workers/with strangers that we interconnect with / with our city/ with our state/ with our country….

5. What’s my relationship to the planet? How am I living with Mother Earth and what is my impact in my relationship with the EARTH. That relationship is the HEALTH of our Existence and our survival ….a healthy planet makes for a health me/family/neighbor/countrymen/global family/BIG PICTURE TEAM.

I’ve decided that when I do my art/shirts/clothing/I will start creating more message/oriented clothing options….I want RadHuman to reflect the message and story of Health and that are life is about the art of living and adapting and working with one another from all the diversity and different perspectives of being human and being a big part of the planet but not just the only one on the planet…..Being Human is amazing and we have an incredible GIFT and responsibility as stewards and chaperones to have the ADAPTABILITY Intelligence to work for the common good for Man and Universe.

Tuesday morning thoughts on a raining day in Los Angeles…..March 10th, 2019

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