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♡ Today I did my longest handstand…close to 30 seconds. I’ve been working hard on my body the last few months Lifting Weights, Hiking, Walking, Biking ,Yoga, Surfing, Running on the Beach, Playing Soccer with my Son and Dancing.

I’ve noticed a big difference since I started going out with Yoga Teacher @kiyomitakahashi…Kiyomi has really inspired and challenged me by the way she trains, eats and lives her life.

I’ve changed a lot in the last few months and it feels RAD♡♡♡ and it goes back to Health Is Wealth and that your Life Is ART.

I love being physical and it feels GREAT to get Back Into shape again♡

Here are some of my recent add on’s that I’ve been doing and seeing a difference in my diet and training and overall lifestyle…RadTips “RadHuman Body”



I’ve been eating more of these below

Vitamin C-

Kiwi, Bell Peppers, Pineapple




Kale (Salad or Cooked)

Purple Cabbage (Stewed or Raw)


Sardines with Olive Oil


Hot Water Lemon

1st thing in the morning

Peppermint Tea

Green Tea


Training that I’ve been doing

Interval Training:

I go about ….1 min at 90% and then 3 min’s at 40% repeat for 20 min’s…I’M SEEING A BIG DIFFERENCE with this one and then when I stop from running, climbing or doing Pull Ups…I then do a PLANK Pose.

Plank pose has become my new best friend :)))))

That’s it for now…but I just want to say that I’m HAVING FUN getting to know my body again…I haven’t trained like this in many years and it feels great to see my body changing and I’m feeling Rad.

Always Love..sending energy to you

Tony 🙂



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