RadHuman’s – Walking Billboards Of RadNess

Over 12,000 RadHuman Walking Billboards Of RadNess are all around the world and each of these art/adventures have become there own “BEACON” and they navigate and work their magic in different ways some are in Berlin, some are in Washington DC, some are in Dallas, some are in Boston and some are in Bakersfield and some are here and there and everywhere and that’s the amazing thing about CREATIVITY and the endless magic that art gives to us all and how very important that gift is to kids and communities across the United States that are growing up without creativity in their base education.

My goal with the RadHuman’s EveryHatHasAStory is to share and spread and to communicate their unique message of being the best YOU by striving to be the HERO that lives within YOU.

Thousands of WalkingBillboards sharing the magic spark of someone’s rad CREATIVE STORY!!!!!!

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