RadNYC Trip “I Love New York”

 April was a Rad Month of work and travel throughout Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta and here are some Rad Moments with incredible people from my NY Trip a few weeks ago and I have to say that after this visit to New York City, I finally got why people love NY. I never really got it until now and it’s because of the the People and the experiences that NYC holds for you in that wonderful city heartbeat that it holds you too. I walked through Central Park after 2am throughout the city and it was incredible to see and feel the city late at night. The rain had just stopped and the city opened up when I was walking late at night was kinda of surreal and like a magic door to the city was really incredible. But the story goes a place is about People and this visit was an amazing time for me to meet and connect with some amazing people from an awesome group that I’m apart of kind the Hatch Network that’s based out of Montana and some amazing folks from Hatch are based in NYC and I got to comeout to NY primarily because of my connection to Hatch and that family of RadSouls. So, it was great to reconnect and meet up with there families and see them again and see there world in NYC a bit. Great times in NY….a really special time with amazing folks. RadNYC/April 2017 My friend Will and his beautiful RadFamily…we had an epic Sunday Family Dinner that was soul needed and deeply appreciated. My friend Alton and his beautiful family….great to meet his beautiful baby,wife and friend  Got to see my artist friends Serena and Grimanesa and have an always deep and meaningful talk with Grimanesa…(I love our talks about family/kids/art/work/vision) Which is hugely importantly for an artist in general but when you have young kids it’s always nice to have radsouls that have been through the life’s journey of raising beautiful children and creating your art/life work as well and like Grimanesa said in her brilliant way….the art will always be there but the time with the kids will not, so build your life around your kids and raise them with everything you got Had an epic night with my friend Matt who’s owns a company called Peace Love and they do amazing work around the United States with creativity and work with kids, adults and hospitals, schools, companies on bringing out creativity and sharing that voice with the world…beautiufl human and rad work for the world..we had a brilliant night together of amazing dreams….brilliant night  It was great to go to the Modern Museum and see some performance art and to look at Chagall’s, Picasso’s and Basquiat’sI love this photo of my friend Zhanna and her Sister’s kids…we had a mini EveryHatHasAStory Party after dinner ….was great to create with their beautiful family….kinda of topped of the brilliant week that I had in NYC…..I really got NYC after my 3rd visit to the Big Apple…looking forward to seeing NY again and following in love with her…..NEW YORK….”Where Dreams Are Made”

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