Rad’s First Commercial Update & A Special Thanks To Some Special People

I talked to the director of our 1st commercial series a few days ago Scott Kecken and he was so excited about the footage that Jeremie Brillant Shot and Scott felt that there are possibly 5 spots from the filming for us to create some viral magic for the company over the next several months. Exciting :)) I did a see a lil bit of the footage and one of the spots was absolutely amazing. I’m excited to go into the studio and do voice over work. It was interesting for me to be on camera again after taking a few years off. It’s been an amazing process to create, build and manifest a brand/a company/a vision…so many steps and we are only just beginning the process. Next step is expanding outside of my friends and family and beginning to let others take the rad seeds and have them spread the Rad Vision to their friends and family…..and stores 🙂

Rad, wasn’t built in a day

and I wouldn’t be here without help from so many people!!

kenny felix

ryan pierce

my mom

my sister Angela Milano

my brother in law David Allan Peters

my brothers Aaron and Michael Milano

Neil Bardem, Scott Kecken, Brooklin Rosenstock, Pascal Shirley, Funn Roberts, Tawnya Calvillo, Enrico Moses, Justin McCormack, Bruce Kramer, Fran Camaj, Mark Sierra, Anthony Mandler, Joy Kecken, Gidget Granillo, Kristian Olson, Jeremie Brillant, Behn Samereh, Erinn Berkson, Jake Hooper, Demitra, Shannon Michael Terry, Russ Campbell, Brian Peterson, Zoran White

Paso Family (KRS1 Katrina Rice Smith, Tammy Davis, Mark Russell, Jaime Goins, RayAnne Brewen, April Kay, Michelle McAllen, David Balson, Michael Tozzi, Traci Schuyler McMahan, Brian Winters, Mark Brown, victoria hoag, kim keeney)

I’m missing some folks but I just wanted to let everyone know..that I’m deeply thankful for your time and efforts and love for me and the Rad Companies. I’m excited about the next chapters and going deeper into the story of RAD :))

In Rad We Trust




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