RadTimes at the 1st BCS National Championship In College Football

Wow, It’s friday about 4 days since the National Championship happened in Arlington, Texas and I got to say I’m still feeling it!!! What a surreal experience to go from work and taking care of the kids and going straight to the game and giving all you can as a fan (And believe I give a lot as a fan..when I was in High School the school voted me Class Spirit) and the thing about Football for me it’s a place for me to get a little crazy, a little wild, a little primitive and a lot of Spirito De Chaka Di RadNesssss.


I gotta give a big huge soul shout out super fand and super huge Oregon Duck Fan Melissa Brotz..who hooked up the tickets to the game for me and my business partner Kenny. It’s funny because Kenny played at Oregon State and Oregon is their big rival but Kenny was a 1000% Oregon and the Pac 12. We really wanted that Westcoast love but we couldn’t do it but it sure was a Rad Time and the stadium itself was absolutely incredible spectacle….it’s huge and the tv in the middle of the field above the playing area is nothing you have ever seen before …..it’s amazing and its the biggest tv in the world its almost the size of the field itself. Sometimes you would see the players looking at themselves and getting lost in how big they where on the TV Screen!!!!! 


It was great to spread the RadNess and share a little bit about the Rad Companies and our Rad story of the Rad Manifesto and the 3 pillar principles of Rad.  1. You’re A Miracle 2. Follow Your RadNess 3. Rad, Wasn’t Built In A Day .


Espn’s show “Roadtrip” interviewed me on the roadtrip I did a few years ago across America where I lived with the Top College Football Fans for one Football Season over 23 Weeks. I drove over 28,000 Miles and got 5 Oil Changes in that span. I really got to see America and meet America and really tap into my love and passion for traveling, college football and people.  The map below is the journey of the trip…I love Football10806425_10152298771984058_1293160893854558755_n10888532_10152298427914058_5408947408139323862_n10929202_10152298098754058_5670710012463952237_n10923276_10152299623459058_3289287622173938097_n10502515_10152297924669058_2627778303666752219_n10922418_10152292900079058_2313626928770214994_n-1

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