RadTIPS for the 21st Century (5 Senses/Meditation)

RadTIPS for the 21st Century “5” Senses Meditation – RadHuman Life Hacks :)) (I call this the Drop In/Time In) Wherever you are at home or on a plane or just taking a simple walk…..this is an awesome LifeHACK that’s completely you and gets you connected to your 5 SENSES….this will have you drop in and be in the NOW/present moment…When your mind is spinning w shit and thoughts and you can’t stop your brain or just need a lil Soul Espresso to take you D E E P E R within your PERSON…Do this and do it now/Action Jackson. 1. HEAR – *What do you “HEAR” ok…now go a lil longer and what else do you hear do you hear the car traffic, the wind sound through the trees, the neighbor singing, the kids playing at the local school, the sound of the gardening, the city bus, birds chirping….the dryer cycle turning over and over in your garage, the dog barking…etc…go for layers…sound has many subtitles and they are all around…..I like to start with Sound (Hear) but you can do anyone you want. *2. TASTE – Taste …what’s going on with your tastebuds right “NOW” I taste my morning coffee today and most of my taste is from the front of my tongue and the front of my month..but go a lil longer and you will notice…the taste buds go deeper and then you feel it in the back of your mouth and throat and then you’ll notice your mouth might start to feel moisture and your mouth is alive ….Taste is powerful and how you can feel with your mouth/tongue/throat. That’s why kissing is super important…when you have a lover/partner that you can make out with…it’s such a HEALTH Is WEALTH -RadTIP MAGIC….All Your Senses are firing when you have a great make out session….Kissing is an ART and a one of the magical things that one can do and Drop In/Time In! *3. FEEL – You remember when you where a kid and you’d have your teacher say….”FEEL your feet and then your ankles and then calves” Now as an adult…I call this the RadSCAN …Literally…I’m going from my toes through the balls of my feet through my achilles to my ankle to my calves …..and when I’m scanning and FEELING…I’m in my breath and each breath I take and I’m using to breathe into my body parts that I’m self-scanning through….and each body part …I’m feeling and then breathing and noticing what hurts, what feels good and I’m nurturing myself by being aware and activating my feeling of my body. Use each BREATH and go deeper into the layers of your feeling and let your BREATH take you deeper into your body and that’s how you activate your body via Full Body Scan…and this can be done anywhere….On a long airport layover on a long drive…at home before Bed or when you wake up or you take a break from work and drop in for a few minutes….this will really bring you back to yourself and get you “CENTERED and FOCUSED” – by Dropping In/Time IN **** 4. SEE – Sight has many levels and layers to it…..I work most of my time from my home/office and my work room has a few rooms that are connected to it through the house and each one has a different space/shape/design and distance from where I work/Sit at* and from here…..there are so many layers to sight for me……that being said…Take a moment and look up …a lot of time we don’t look up …we don’t look up to the top of the trees and see what’s above us….wherever you are looking a lil deeper and find the layers….go deeper into the levels of space and distance….See your surroundings ….each day you could sit in the same spot and you each day…you will see things differently because of how the Sun is setting or how the lights are working….there’s a lot with sight…there’s a lot more that meets the EYE. Try holding your Breath for a lil bit and focus on how you see and what you see when you hold your Breath for 30 Seconds…..Not only do you see a lil deeper ….your other senses are more activated….your hearing completely changes…You hear more…U see more when you take away your Breath. Breath is Life…without it we don’t exist for very long :))) That’s why the quality of our life at the core basic levels is centered around our relationship to our breathing and how we take in and give out OXYGEN…this is our pure self pure power “HEALTH IS WEALTH” when we are in alignment with our Breath….We are in tune with most basic and core self…..and tapping into our 5 Senses really helps support us being Fully ALIVE …So, Look Up…Look to your feet …Look to your sides….Look ALL AROUND YOU…and sponge it all …every angle…every nook…look between objects…see new shapes that you didn’t notice before wherever you are sitting be in your home office that you’ve been in for 20 years or at the city park on the grass looking up at the clouds and seeing a face in the clouds……Sight Is MAGICAL….”Open Your EYES” and SEE like a SPONGE Collector but w your eyes. 5. SMELL – Smell for me is the hardest of the 5 Senses for me to really get. In some ways it’s the least interactive…Smell is active but it can be more minimal then the other senses…..You can get use to certain smells and they aren’t as strong as when your 1st smelt them…what’s unique about smelling is it’s base core connection to your breath and that in itself adds a mediation type component to the Smell Mediation ….sit and breathe in with your breath and…and hold your breath and then let go and repeat…before you bite into your next meal or snack…..smell it….really smell the food…put it close to your nose and breathe in the flavors that you smell and you will notice that like all of your other senses….we have multiples of layering and in those layers we have more smell/s …are senses just need to be activated a bit….We are Mechanics…. Our body’s are living breathing amazing machines and all the senses activate and play different roles with our survival and have a major impact how we Thrive in the world is through how healthy our relationship is with being in the PRESENT MOMENT …..to be Present…to Drop In/Time In that’s RadHUMANS Greatest state of being….In Health…in alignment with oneself and when you activate your 5 Senses it’s a base reset that gets you deeply re-charged and ready to be fully present with your world* *Sept 13th, 2022 – Tony 🙂

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