RadUncle Collaboration w Bohemian All Star singer/artist Pray Harper

I drove up to Malibu to go to my friend Shannon Michael Terry’s house for a full moon summer solstice party and as always at one of Shannon’s parties I met some interesting artist doing some great things in the creative world. One of the neat people I met at the party was a wonderful girl named Eve that taught us a yoga sequence at midnight under the moon on top of the mountain where Shannon’s house is (3 Miles up from the pch highway) so beautiful to be that high on the mountain over looking the valley that leads to the ocean. The party for me was about summer and my hips…I know hips but why my hips because that’s where we need to be moving more or we get old and die and unhappy!! You think about it that’s where the action is in our being..it’s where we move and create from 1st and the body will always out think the mind if you open that beautiful door and last night with the moon beaming down upon us that’s what we did and it felt great to move the core and I had the best sleep that I’ve had in weeks because of it!  And the next morning several people stayed over and one of the people was a soul charging spirit named Pray Harper and he was a singing soul gypsy ballader that was serving up the Van Morrison Old School Deep Original Heart Songs ( my buddy Shannon is working w Pray on some of his music) Here’s one of his songs about the record industry called Size of your Heart….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRZDCteInd8 

and Pray Chaka Harper also painted on a RadUncle “Church Of Rad” Hat…..I’m planning on doing this all the time…not only did I have a great time at the party, it was amazing for me to meet some great people and have them create on RadUncle and help me build, create, connect with the world and share the dream and voice of the “Bohemian All Star” Spirit…Good Times on the 1st day of summer!

Church Of Rad:PrayHarper

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