RadUncle & It’s Meaning (The Seeker & The Shaman)

Rad Uncle


The word Rad came from the 50’s meaning “Ultimate Cool”


for me Rad is the Jazz and the writers of the beatnik generation….The Seekers that broke through in the 50’s breaking down the doors and then heading west in the 60’s spurring and spawning the hippy generation…all coming from creativity, music, writing, deep talking and education and educating each other.


The Uncle in The Samoan and Maori Cultures is one of the leaders of the family…looking out for the family..he’s not your Father nor your Brother but more regarded as the Overseer. For me I take the Uncle role as the Warrior Spirit of the Village.


Rad represents..The Seeker/The Traveler/Words and Education

Uncle represents The Shaman/Warrior/Nature/Dream State


The Seeker & The Shaman = RadUncle

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