“Reach Higher, Reach For Your Spirit” – Rumi

“Reach Higher, Reach For Your Spirit” – Rumi

I surfed today…it was early the sun was just cresting over the city building of Santa Monica and Venice Beach….and she started to rise and rise and their she was beaming her morning smile that deep beautiful sun-shine and in the water I reflected on on Rumi’s quote “Reach Higher Reach For Your Spirit” and what that means to me is going deeper into the moral fabric of my experience here on earth this planet this place that I call home…for Rumi was saying to breakthrough the chains, conditions and illusions that life harbors around, in front of you and inside your mind. Gandhi, talked about “Being The Change” that we seek in this world and Rumi talks about Reaching HIGHER for the truth of oneself.

My tagline for RadKids is “Shine Your Light, Shine It Bright” which ironically has some similarities to Rumi’s quote and RadUncle’s slogan is “Rad, wasn’t built in a day” to me this is about how the journey is a Marathon and not a race and that’s life and that’s that  deep moral fabric that makes up the dream inside the subconcious to “Be The Change” and to Reach Towards The Light of Oneself and be the SPIRIT Chaser that catches his soul the Rainbow :))))))))


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