RIP Geoff Milano…I Love You My Younger Brother

It’s been a powerful week. I’m writing here in my home in Santa Monica, California on a Sunday night. My younger brother Geoff Milano passed away on Wednesday in San Francisco. My sister and mom and I went up there on Thursday and took care of his apartment and funeral arrangements and said goodbyes to his friends in the bay area. I never prepared for a sibling to pass and really didn’t think about it to much….It’s been a heavy a few days and I’d like to say this about my Brother….I love you Geoff…life was always such a race to get to you. I love you and I miss you and I will be a better person for you and what you have taught me. Thank you for your passion…I love you Geoff…Say hi to Dad for us…love Tonyy5yWq0Y0yE02hXJWtavPtTK3ZXZaLrz51SURKvLLEUM20282_10152668896219058_7822792246513810521_nchewie4wnmm1HAbIG7IwXt62ikE2VQxkJCLq3Hb15OpG5LjJHs

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