RoadTrip- Los Angeles to Bozeman, Montana To The Hatch Experience Conference!!!

We drove yesterday morning 6am to 11:30pm…..17 +hours straight….Los Angeles to Bozeman, Montana amazing trip with my dear friend Russell Spurlock who’s a music composer for television shows in hollywood. Russell is soul technician for higher vibrational living. He has many passions and one of them is Ultralight flying which is basically a one man mini glide plane w a simple motor and he takes it really low almost touching the ocean and then gliding through the mountains…to me this is Russell..Soul Diving. On our roadtrip yesterday we listened, we talked, we preached, we prayed, we cried, we talked about our DREAMS FOR HUMANITY, for ourselves for our highest’s always an honor to go into the unknown with a fellow “SoulWarrior”

Ahhhwww Yes and we recorded over 10+ hours of our convesations of our poetry driving prophecies :))))

*We listened to some great podcast: That I highly recommend…

Tim Ferris Interviews


It was great to meet and have tequila last night w Yarrow Kraner the creator of the Hatch Experience, a warm, deep, passionate human that is all about changing conciousness through community and building and networking with amazing change agents in society throughout the world that are trickling in today as the conference officials starts tomorrow…stoked to be around these rad beautiful people

maxresdefaultHere’s an article in Forbes Magazine from Hatcher George Bradt….George is running one of the team building group workshops this weekend on building teams. I’m stoked

RadLove Team Go!!

Sending Radness/Kindness to Everyone..Love President Rad



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