SaveTheArts-Boys And Girls Club/Westminister Event

img_3902 img_3899 img_3898 img_3888 img_3889 img_3893 img_3895 img_3890We had a great SaveTheArts/EveryHatHasAStory Event at the Westminister Boys and Grils Club…was great to meet the young adults and talk life and create with them and have them create their own “STORIES” and make their WalkingBillboardsOfRadNess.


*What I loved the most was seeing these kids take the time to create…as kids get older they don’t have places to create with other kids…for me when I see GROUPS OF INDIVIDUALS HAVING A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE inside that group DYNAMIC that’s created with RadUncle’s EveryHatHasAStory….I have emmense happiness…becuase I know that we are spreading positive light/energy/radness into the world and we are creating conversation and that causes communication which causes interaction which causes connection/thought/question…etc..down the’s spreading RADNESS into the WORLD.


President Rad :)))



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