“SaveTheArts” Campaign- Every Hat Has A Story Program – Photos from “Westside Global Awareness Magnate School RadSchool Event!!

What an amazing day we had a week ago with our “Every Hat Has A Story” Program at Westside Global Awareness Magnate….a Rad Public School on the border of Venice/Marina Del Rey. Here are some of the great photos that photographer Pascal Shirley took.  Special shout out to all the Rad Ambassador/Mentors/Volunteers!!! You are awesome….really kind and really awesome!!! Gidget Granillo, Tiffany Savion, Evan Farrell, Michelle Ivanoff, Aundrea Tagaca, Zak Bam, Mark Harvey, Curtis Hendricks, Chris Pate, Jack, Samantha, Chris Pate, Colin Cadarrette, Keith Hedgecock for filming!! and my Mom Kathryn!!

Thanks Principal Cyril of Westside Global and your awesome staff and teachers….Thanks Deanna Fulton for coordinating and getting this off the ground for your Rad School!!

It was truly a magical day and to see 380 Kids painting hats all over this awesome school was a magical feeling for me….because I know it’s something with a purpose…it has a deep positive effect on our kids on our society…art really matters and what’s happening from the “Every Hat Has A Story” Program is a bigger cause even….’SaveTheArts” in our public schools and finding other places for kids and adults to create because creativity to me is one of the main elixir’s to deep happiness and in essence the fountain of youth is creativity……..KIDS NEED TO GROW UP DOING ART AND OTHER CREATIVE EXPERIENCES TO CARRY WITH THEM THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFE and with these experiences other creative expressions and adventures come from it…..like creating innovators and deep thinkers…art is important….ART MATTERS AND CREATIVITY HEALS SOCIETY

That’s how I feel about the “SaveTheArts” Campaign…I’m honored to dedicate my life to helping people create and through our “Buy1GiveOne” Platform for every hat that we sell we are giving back an “Every Hat Has A Story” Program to the Boys and Girls Club or a Public School…..We also just started a “Party With A Purpose” where we have individuals or companies Host a “Every Hat Has A Story” Paint Party and for every hat that’s painted by someone at your party…your party gives back our art program (Every Hat Has A Story) to a public school or the boys and girls club. *Would you please consider hosting a “Party With A Purpose” great for team building for your company and it’s for a great cause to “SaveTheArts” or a group of great friends getting together having fun together and making a difference as you “Party With A Purpose” It’s $25 a hat…we bring the hats, pens and a rad ambassador..which is probably me at this point :))) I promise that I’m super rad and super fun!!! and just to reiterate for every hat that you purchase we give back a hat/art program….our “Buy1GiveOne” Platform!


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