SaveTheArts-Healing Our Communities Through A Common Creative Voice

This past year since last September, I’ve been NSA (NonStopAction) going all over the country with RadUncle’s SaveTheArts Mission and activation platform “Every Hat Has A Story” and one of the big visions that I’ve begun to do in my work (Social Artist) is look at ways to help heal communities through creativity and through a common voice that is shared but is individual in the process.


We’ve created a activation platform for people of all ages to have a unique passionated individual experience inside a group dynamic and I believe this is how we heal fractured communities internally and it’s through creativity that sparks the seed one individual at a time….story by story.


More to come as I keep processing this next big chapter in the SaveTheArts Mission…that being said I’m looking at doing RadUncle community events in Baton Rouge, Ferguson, Missouri, Rocky Boy, Montana, Nickerson Gardens/Los Angeles (It’s the featured image of this blog post), South Chicago, Ft.Lauderdale….Those are some cities/communities that I’m looking to do massive internal creative community RadUncle Events at this coming year.


“Play Is The Highest Form Of Research”

Albert Einstein


Play Heals…Creativity Serves…Communities that are playing and creating together are rooting and expanding and in this magical process rad seeds are being shared with the community and this rad seeds become rad trees and this is where the magic happens with healing communities through activated platforms that ignite their personal story inside the group dynamice (the community)


You see.. you hear/feel/see/others voices and highest potentials and everyone is sharing their story through a common experience..this becomes the bonding..the rooting.


Rad, Wasn’t Built In A Day


4:56am Sept.17th, 2016…President Rad

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