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The “Every Hat Has A Story” Program started when I took a break for a year to figure out things. At first I didn’t know what I was going to do so I just started to go deeper into my creativity and share from that place. From that it started this experience where I would paint hats for people from the music they would give me using either their favorite song of all time or an album.  I would listen to that song about 20 times in a row or sometimes that album 3 times and then the Rad customer would give me their 3+ colors and I would create a custom one of a kind hat for them. One day I had 17 hats that I was doing and it was too much.  So I had my mom help me. I would draw the design on the hat and she would paint inside the designs that I was creating with the colors that the Rad customer picked and then it just “Popped.” I knew this was an amazing experience for me personally and it still is and will always be.  So, I was like…this is soul rad and I got to create a platform for people to experience this same feeling of creating their own hat and that’s when the program idea hit like “lightning bingo magic.” I knew this was something really simple and special.

Today, we have created several programs around the city of Los Angeles with companies, schools, non-profits and soon to be museums and festivals. We’ve created a RadKit/Product people can use at home and give as gifts and buy from stores, boutique shops and museums around the world and it all started from that creative place of when all else fails go back to your essence and share and give from your deepest place of your life.

We now have a few host partners for the Every Hat Has A Story program, one of these amazing partners is the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles, which has 27 clubs with an outreach of 140,000 kids.

Our goal at SuperRad365 is to inspire, engage and educate through creativity and now OUR STORY is linked together by you creating “Walking Billboards Of RadNess” and sharing the RadNess…because Rad Seeds become Rad TREES!!!! WeAreOne365 🙂

How It Works:

For every hat that we sell from our website, we give one hat/

art experience back to the Every Hat Has A Story™ program. The Every Hat Has A Story program connects with at-risk youth, either through our existing partnerships like the First Star Academy for Foster Youth or the Boys and Girls Club of America, or through collaboration with you and the youth programs that you work with. Let Us Know!

WHY, Every Hat Has A Story Program?

Schools all across the country and the world are taking away art programs and the

sponsorship of the arts and that is the last thing that we need to do to our society,

our kids and our future. The world needs more art.  Expression and creativity is the

lightning rod that inspires, engages and educates us all.

At RadUncle we are connecting at-risk youth and helping them gain confidence and self-esteem. Through our flagship program, Every Hat Has A Story™, we our tuning kids onto their brilliance by

mentoring their creativity and inspiring, engaging and educating them about how to grow as Rad Human Beings by being themselves and letting creativity be their guide.


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