Sex, Spring & Surfing Lessons

I was in the water yesterday at a place called Zero’s and this guy was making a comment about how it’s springtime because he went out the night before and he could feel the energy in the air with the women opening up after the winter like a flower.

It’s amazing how nature has it cycles and when we tap in and listen to the natural rhythms our lives come into balance and power. It’s funny when your younger you could give a fuck about sleep and food for the most part but as you get older. The body-soul-beautiful takes it’s knocks/toll over time.

Listening to Fela Kuti right now…in a rhythm with the deep overflowing waterfall of feeling that he brings to his music..I think of his energy. His chi/force as a creative being. I look at Kelly Slater in his 40’s. The body is the temple and you have to keep your chi gotta put your body through the “Core” torque. Yoga, Dancing, Hard Physical Work are all apart of the Sleep, Food equation for mastery.

I didn’t quite understand Sting the musician and his commitment to yoga and sex until recently. The deep nourishment that one receives through yoga and sex our absolutely a constant re-start/re-fresh button to one’s constant evolution.

This is not brain science.

It’s the essence. it’s the good life


You want magic in your life…wake your body up not just today, tomorrow or the next day but a ritual overhaul to move your chi and get your being on the “soul” track funk groove.

How do you do it? Consistency and the realization that it takes time to be you and to keep showing up to your rhythm? what is your dance? If life is an all you can eat smorgasboard…shouldn’t one try all the amazing experiences that life has to offer. I believe so if the intuition is right and the body is humming and happy. I have been in some interesting experiences in my life that have had my body not humming. It’s intuition. How does one trust their intuition? Practice, awareness, it’s a craft to feel your sweetness, your aliveness, your ELECTRIC FUNK SUGAR

and sense Spring is in the air what a great time to start surfing again and tap into the lessons of the body and as we know the body is an amazing vessel that loves to be stretched, torqued, massaged and adored.

So eat well, eat light and find your “perfect” balance through hard work fun work and relax when you can and feel that deep rested body come alive because it’s spring time and the flowers are opening all around us.



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