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This Video Chokes Me Up

Kids need love, structure and support. I will actually say that we all need Love, Structure and Support.  This is our base psychological state, emotional well-being. This video is beautiful, it’s very touching to see the sergeant humbled by the innocence of a child and at the core of most of us is an innocent child. It’s amazing to me to see what happens to a generation of fatherless children. We need our Dad’s, we need both parents in a kids life. It’s so important for the kids to grow up with both parents. I look at most of our common problems in society and they are mostly do to education and the lack of it and education isn’t always school based. What we experience we often become so the more you experience love, structure and support the more you become those qualities in your experience in your education. If you lack love, structure and support you seek it, you hunger for it, you create it….a flower looks for the sun to survive. A human being is no different we are alive and we need sustenance to survive. This boy in this video is calling out for sustenance, he is a good boy who lacks love, structure and support and one of our biggest issues in the America is our prison system and it is a business. One of the biggest in United States. We need prisons but I’ll say this we need more Love, Structure and Support and we will be a healthier society, culture and country.

I have a friend from Sweden and he’s here in America on leave from work with his wife and two kids and they are getting paid by their country to go on a family vacation for 5 weeks to America. How Rad right? Yes, even more Rad is that Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world and the healthiest. Their life’s our structured and have full support…The Swedish people feel this love and the act that way it becomes a cultured experience. You become what you experience, the good and the bad and if its bad you will find any energy to survive. Hence, drugs, violence, prison but the sad truth here is our prison systems are a cash cow business that is set up to create more and more prisoners. America has more gun deaths then any country in the world and that’s all countries combined together, America is #1 in Violent crime not just the top but with all other countries combined. Part of this deep psychological state and emotional being comes from not having Dad’s in the development of raising children. Because the Dad’s are either in Prison or struggling to survive and barely making it. It’s not Sweden in America. America is awesome, it’s beautiful, it’s rare, it’s the biggest on the block but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some serious core issues that effect our amazing culture, our education and our overall sense of deep well-being. The more support and structure we have the more love we will have to share and give to each other and the world.

Proud to be human

A Great Culture Has at its base education and the support and structure to get there. Love Thrives Here and in this state of emotional well being….we need less because we are getting the good stuff…the quality life not the man with the most toys mentality but the man who loves his family, loves his country and loves his fellow-man.

America needs love, structure and support more than ever and being a Rad Dad is one of the things that I can do to help with our culture. By showing up and sharing my support and love for my kids, my country and my fellow-man this makes me feel “love” and when you think of Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad they all talked about and shared their love for humanity and that love was deeply entrenched in community structure and this is where all families thrive ,religious or not this is not about religion this is about Emotional Well Being and the support that makes one’s life shine. Sweden’s 5 week vacation looks pretty amazing right now..they pay you to take care of yourself because it’s set up that way.

This Rad Life :)))

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