Special Thanks To Our Rad Ambassadors/Volunteers At Las Week’s “Every Hat Has A Story” Public Schools Event


Special Thanks to our amazing Rad Volunteers..Last week at our Westside Global Public School Event!!! 

We couldn’t have pulled it off without you…. MICHELLE IVANOFF :))) & Aundrea Tagaca, Mark Harvey, Curtis Hendrix, Chris Pate, Evan Farrell, Colin, Zak Bam, Keith Hedgecock, Pascal Shirley, Mike Medby, Ellie Felix, Kaia Medby, Tiffany Savion, Kathryn “My MOM” Milano, Gidget Granillo, Skinny, Jack and Samantha!!!!

you brought so much love, detail, character, fun, engagement, excitement for the kids…and the love of play and the power of what ART/CREATIVITY IS AND MEANS TO THESE BEAUTIFUL RADKIDS…..Thank You for the love and support…You Are SuperRad SuperSouls!!


Thank U and a deep and special shout out to Michelle Ivanoff for being the guide and force behind the Rad Ambassador/Volunteers….Thank U Michelle!!! Thank U

President Rad-Stay Rad My Friends

Tony :))


_C0A1904Chris, Michelle, Aundrea, Curtis & Mark….Great souls…beautiful people
_C0A1458 Zak Bam Chaka Man!!! Thanks Z for sharing the radness w these RadKids!!! Enbodying the Spirit of RadUncle..Spreading the RadNess_C0A1919 Gidget, Curtis & Marko Chaka!!!_C0A0123 Tiffany w the ripped shoulders..RadPresenting the Church Of Rad w Gidget of Radness and Michelle and Aundrea in the foregrounds!!!_C0A0021 Aundrea of RadNess Spirit w the almighty Peace Sign of RadNess!!! With her Rad Co-Hort of RadSoul Character and Awesomeness….Michelle Ivanoff_C0A0027 Michelle Ivanoff….SuperSoul w the Rad Principal of Westside Global Magnate School right behind her Captain Cyril!! Awesome Man…Great Spirit!!!_C0A0003RadUncle sightings in the 8th graders room….right next to the POPCORN Maker!!!_C0A1472Colin Cadarette bringing his big soul one nation under radnessssss to the table!!!!! Thanks Colin!_C0A1995Keith Hedgecock…on his skateboard….Keith Keith Keith Keith!!!! Zooming around the Global Magnate …School…Keith had the daunting task to film and cover the Radness…as the rad Director of Video on this day…thanks Keith..Thank U Brother of RadNess!!_C0A0058Principal Cyril of Westside Global w the Rad Volunteer Crew….I love seeing my RadMom on the right in her RadUncle Red Hoodie…Go Mom Go!!_C0A1376Tiffany Savion…w one of the rad 8th graders…..RadPresenting …Great bonding and teaching and sharing and being a RadMentor….Thank U Tiffany…Thank UuuuuuUU_C0A0104Tiffany …Soul Dancing to the spirit….Tiffany is awesome..she’s an amazing life/fitness/health/soul coach..that does an amazing job with people and groups…here’s here awesome site http://tiffanysavion.com/_C0A1913I see Kenny Felix my dear friend and business partner in the Rad Companies….he’s in the back….big soul style….we got a great comedian in real life Skinny up front on the left…my dear friend and soul spirit Gidget Granillo right behind him sandwiched w Mark of RadNess….Great shot..Howling…Just howling…giving praise for a SuperRad Day at Westside Global School!!!

Here we are w the 8th grade teacher from Westside Global…She was awesome..it was awesome to get the teachers involved and see them engage and get inspired and paint hats with us and the kids……..w Evan, Z and Michelle…RadTimes….Thank You RadVolunteers for an awesome time and event…..thank you

To get involved and be a Rad Ambassador and help us spread the radness with RadKids across Los Angeles…..Please Give Me A Call at (310) 266-8529 or email me at Rad@RadUncle.com

Aloha…and thanks for being YOU

Stay Rad My Friends

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