Story on Lightin Hopkins w photos of him, family and Townes Van Zandt from 1969

Story on Lightin’ Hopkins from musician Lu MitchellLightnin' Hopkins with guitar, 1969, at at Lu's home in Farmers Branch, Texas.In 1969 John and Mimi Lomax brought Lightnin’ from Houston for a concert at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was decided that they and Lightnin’ would all stay with Lu because they knew that if Lightnin’ got out of their sight he would wind up at a bar on Deep Ellum and never make the show.”While at our home Lightnin’ regaled us with stories of his musical career. He said that in Germany the fans grabbed at him and in many cases cut off parts of his tie and shirt for souvenirs. He never understood this. He was leery of promoters who wanted use him to make money for themselves. He wore alligator shoes, and while at the house he wore a hair net. Delightful man.”Above photo: Lightnin’ in Lu’s living room, 1969.Lu and Lightnin in her living room - Farmers Branch, Texas, 1969.

Left photo: Lu and Lightnin, 1969.

Here are some other related photos from that time/place:
#3 Lightnin’ and JL2 at Lu’s house – 1969
#4 Lightnin’ & Mimi Lomax at Lu’s house – 1969

#5 Photo below (left to right): Townes Van Zandt, Mimi Lomax, Antoinette Hopkins, and Lightnin’ Hopkins in the Lomax family’s back yard in Houston, Texas, in the late 1960s or early 1970s. The photo was taken by Mimi’s son, John Lomax III.

#6 Photo below (front row, left to right): Townes Van Zandt, Julia Taylor Lomax (aka “Bidy”), Mimi Lomax, and Antoinette Hopkins. Back row: Fran Van Zandt, Darrell Harris, John A. Lomax Jr., and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Special thanks to John Lomax III, the photographer, for permission to post these
wonderful pictures of his family and friends at the Lomax home in Houston.



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