Sweet Dreams Everyone..Aloha

I love listening to the rain.

Such a deep groundedness…

I have 3 hanging house plants. I put them outside when the rain started. I took my hanging wetsuit inside and outside I have a place for my shoes..I hurried them in like I’ve done a hundred times before. In that place is the familiar like a dear friend or a deep mediation and in this place there’s a recognition when you are deeply comfortable with yourself and your experience. I like to feel that I make people feel comfortable because I’m comfortable but I have realized that I’m not always as comfortable as I thought but when I show up and I’m present most things are always dissolved instantly.

Sometimes I will have a moment of clarity that is profound..because it’s simple, very simple and everything stops …even when things are going fast… time just stops and in this place is a complete understanding.

I love the rain it makes me dream awake and helps me re-tap into me….Before sleep this Good Evening :)))

Sweet Dreams…Aloha


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