I think of my different friends that have set their path and gone for it.I think of Anthony Mandler and his path to being a director and seeing him over the years hone, sculpt and show up to his dream to direct. I see my friend Funn Roberts and his deep curiosity to explore the everything in life from Birria in the barrio to dumpster diving at 2am to Japanese beauties and the craft of living and oh how he lives. To my friend Shannon Michael Terry and his focus on his simplicity and how he samurai’s with laser intent on keeping his balance inside those amazing places that he creates. I think of my buddy Martin Tickle when he was several years ago the San Francisco Tourism’s manager and he would wear a suit and tie to work and now years later he’s DJ Dragonfly and he’s traveling the world playing music to the masses…….I remember when chose that path and I’ve seen him open the world with his music and he has made some amazing memories and gifts for the people through his journey to create and learn and be himself. Is this not us my friends to go…..to GOOOOO FOR IT AND REALLY SEE YOUR PASSION AND TO WORK YOUR PASSION TO THE POINT WHERE IT BECOMES YOUR CRAFT AND YOUR LIFE BECOMES YOUR GIFT.

My Sisters husband (20 years together) common law her in Cali. I’ve seen David Allan Peters in many stages in his life many just like he has seen me and i got to say I’m so stoked and proud of him for opening the door to his creativity and seeing it through with daily committment to be his art. After many years of painting, thousands of hours and many days without very much money. David is causing a stir in the art world and making his impact felt with his brilliance. In a few weeks at the end of April David has his 1st big solo show in NYC at one of the top Abstract Galleries in the world. http://www.amy-nyc.com . I asked him recently about his successes and he replied,”I just paint man, my success is when I paint”

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

A few weeks ago a friend of mind went on a tour and I remember we had one of our spirited talks that when sometimes have and I was in a parking lot in Long Beach outside a coffee shop and I had to leave the coffee shop and talk outside because I was full of vigor and soaking up the conversation with my friend and brilliant artist that in his world they call him The Wizard for his intensity and his gift to bring the drums to life. My friend Jon Theodore is a surfing buddy and it seems to me that I meet a lot of my best friends in my passion state where I’m completely me with my intensity and committment my true colors so to speak and it seems to me that in this place you meet your loves, your friends and your soul.

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