Thank You For An Amazing “Party With A Purpose” Stephanie Morton

Last week we had an amazing “Party With A Purpose” here in Los Angeles. Where a dear friend of mine that I’ve known for over 15 years in the photo production world, Stephanie Morton and her awesome husband Eric Millstein Hosted a “Rad” Party where we created and painted over 77 hats and from our “Buy1GiveOne” platform WE together from the Party With A Purpose are giving back the same art program that we did at the party to kids that don’t have art as as core curriculum in their schools through our “SaveTheArts” Mission where we are creating “Walking Billboards Of RadNess” One Kid At A Time & One Hat At A Time here in the United States. Here are some of the amazing people from the party and a special thanks to Nicola Buck for the lovely photographs and to Zach Griffin for the video/interviews that he shot and to my friends Daniel Blue of MotoPony, Paul Durham of Black Lab and Russell Spurlock for the amazing music and soul support for an amazing amazing evening here in Los Angeles.

12208301_10152838881499058_6808730988902683437_n My friend Stephanie Morton passionately expressing her love for art and her deep appreciation of what we are doing with “SaveTheArts” Mission with RadUncle..I’m truly honored and deeply thankful for the support from Stephanie and her husband Eric. nbIMG_6242 nbIMG_6246 nbIMG_6252 nbIMG_6331 nbIMG_6339 nbIMG_6343 nbIMG_6344 nbIMG_6354 nbIMG_6352 nbIMG_6351 nbIMG_6350 nbIMG_6348 nbIMG_6347 nbIMG_6345 nbIMG_6377 nbIMG_6375 nbIMG_6366 nbIMG_6364 nbIMG_6363 nbIMG_6358 nbIMG_6355 nbIMG_6402 nbIMG_6396 nbIMG_6395 nbIMG_6390 nbIMG_6386 nbIMG_6385 nbIMG_6379 nbIMG_6424 nbIMG_6421 nbIMG_6420 nbIMG_6416 nbIMG_6415 nbIMG_6412 nbIMG_6405re


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