The Art Of Making Out (10 Steps To Nirvana)


The Art Of Making Out

1. Close your eyes

2. Touch….

3. feel your hands, your belly’s gentling touching

4. the way you sway dictates the way you move together….go back to 3. FEEL….feel everything

5. Smell..your chemistry

6. Taste the salt from your lips

8. hear the sounds of your touch, the wet lips caressing, the wind, the sounds of the world buzzing around you let the sounds of life be your soundtrack in your beautiful moment together

7. Open your eyes….look into eachother’s eyes…see eachother smile…see eachother excited ..see the mirror of eachother…you are dancing now….you are in union

9. breathe…remember to breathe and take in all the senses and give and receive and the sametime……..feel the rawness and the sweetness

10. relax….let it all go….there’s no place to go…no race…. you are here

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