The Art Of The Bohemian All Star

RadHat1_rainbowThe Art Of The Bohemian All Star


The Art Of The Bohemian All Star

Part Gypsy Part City
Part Travel Bug Junky
Part Party
Always Health Always Family Always Friends

Great Food….Water is a must..Oceans, Lakes, Streams, Hot Tubs to Natural Hot Springs To Rock High Dives….Waves in Indo Waves Wherever…..Tacos, Oysters, Mangoes, Pineapples, Cashews, Ice Cream, Waterfalls, Meditation, Singing, Music, Dancing, READING…Listening…getting lost….Trees, Love The Trees, The Wind Inside the Trees That whistle oh so slightly as the wind kisses so gently…these are the goodtimes

And to always D R E A M
and know that the voice of all the poets and soul surfers and good peeps of the world our singing in heaven somewhere calling your name and clapping their hands to LIVE…To Live…To Live

and to LOVE and to share this aMaZzzIng :)) Experience that we have here on life…..Bohemian is not hippy and it’s not always happy its just culture and the function that you live your life through the arts, the food, the nature, the gifts that the world openly shares with you and the different wonderful soul experiences that life has to share with you from the ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET and it’s not about the most toys…it’s not about the hottest’s not about…IT’S NOT ABOUT…….It’s about the celebration and consistent SMILE YOU HAVE THAT GENERATES FROM the depths of ones soul…..right inside that chest cavity of yours inside mine…thats the magic. To be and of this world but not of this world and to engage with the world but to have a constant ear for the wind that whistles through the trees

Random morning thoughts on this beautiful pre summer California day

Bohemian All Star Lives Inside All Of Us…It’s the best of why we love art, music, traveling, food and our fellow human

Big Love Go :))




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