The Hatch Experience Conference In Big Sky, Montana

It’s been a lil over 3 weeks since I left Big Sky, Montana where I was invited to this years Hatch Experience. What is the Hatch Experience? It’s life. It’s an amazing collection of incredible human beings from many different disciplines from Science, Tech, Education, Business and all the different art modalities and expressions with a deep deep core in that “WE” are all storytellers and creative beings no matter what our jobs or titles may be…I’ve been non stop since I got back home with RadUncle/RadKids/EveryHatHasAStory and My life/My kids and what I can say about Hatch is that it’s helped sculpt a different me that was and has always been there but has given me a community of people that have helped mold me into a better me yarrow-kranerT2_An-Interview-with-Ondi-Timoner--1 11046472_10206089804458623_1363230607660992655_n unnamed-17

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