They Didn’t Let Themselves Stop Themselves- RadUncle

unnamedThey didn’t let themselves stop themselves-RadUncle


What does this mean?

What does it mean to you?

Every person has a story a journey

Every person is a Hero

So…wtf yes….WTF (Wonderful Talented Fantastic)

That’s right…we are Miracles to just get be born!

We just got to keep going for our highest soul and burning light and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep coming back to the simple me simple you

that’s where the magic lives

We don’t give up we don’t give in….We OVERGive!!!!!

Every Hero Goes Through Adversity…We Are All Heroes JUST TO GET TO THE SOUL FUNK PARTY…..THIS RAD LIFE!!!!!!!


3 Core Principles Of The Rad Family :)))

* You’re A Miracle

* Follow Your Radness

*Rad, Wasn’t Built In A Day

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