Tide Bold Kid, Geronimo The Plastic Indian and The Dreams of A wild Eyed 7 yr old


Growing up as a kid in a cul-de-sac neighborhood w  15 kids + from the ages of 2-10 seemed like the perfect place on earth for a 6 year old. I loved playing hide and seek and over the line in baseball but, probably my favorite solo endeavor was playing cowboys and indians. The neighborhood Mom’s use to call me the Tide Bold Kid after the leading cleaning detergents cuz as a typical “Rad Kid” I would be dirty, muddy and full of grass stains all over my being! But in this raucous of purity and pure joy….the lil wild boy in me loved to play with the plastic Indians w the tomahawks…and I would build fort castles in the dirt and grass and jump from one mole hill to the next made up water dam and my favorite indian was always Geronimo and my favorite thing w the Geronimo Indian was to play pretend riding a horse and jumping on the back of a Buffalo and killing him with my tomahawk…sounds barbaric and it was but as a kid there where no details only the simple act of attacking his prey….I was a hunter at a young age.



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