To Be A Father…I Love You Dad

My earliest memories.


I’m sitting on the a ledge next to a cash register machine and in front of me is one of those cola dispensers w all the different colas and the next room is my Dad cooking w huge pots…later in life those pots would be my pots and I would be cooking. Stews of different and family. The powerful connection between these bonding experiences in my family food is and has been our rally cry to connect, bond, heal and communicate. Our Dad..Big Papa Marko died over 16 years ago in a car crash on a business trip outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I lived in California where we all grew up and started as Baby Chaka’s. That being said, something amazing happened before our Dad died. A few weeks before Papa Bear went down…I went to visit him in North Carolina. You could say it was a premonition, I had a “Deep” motivation inside of me that was calling and telling me I had to hang w Big Papa Marko…The Original Guido. You see my Dad or Pops was a unique guy and I’ll give you an example after Big Chaka Went to The Big House….at his wake at the Church…..9 people came up and said the samething…Mark Milano was my best friend. Mark Milano was my best friend and what he did for me was show up and had a ear for me to talk and share about my life, he helped me become a better person and better human being. I will always love my dad and on this special day, Father’s Day I am honored to be a Dad now. I have two amazing kids, Bodhi and Adler. I’m sorry to say that Papa Guido never got to meet his Grandkids but they do everyday when they see my  face and the smile that I bring them comes a lot from the Original Gabba Soon….For PapaBear Guido was a legendary guy…that people gravitated to and really loved him for his “huge” spirit. My Dad was super fun and my earliest memories where him cooking in a kitchen with a huge pot of stew. I can still smell the memories that are deeply embedded in my “SOUL”

I love you Dad….U Where A RAD DAD that shared you’re heart and love with everyone that you came in contact with and to this day your spirit lives on in me and my children and the beautiful children that you had that our my brothers and sister.


I love you…Your Son, Your Boy, Your Legend


Always The Sun

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