Van Morrison Full Album Moondance 1970

Van Morrison’s Moondance

was that album that really broke me apart from the small town that I was brought up in and really put it’s mark on my experience my 1st summer in Berkeley, California. This album was my 2nd album in college and seeing the world in an entire different light, Moondance got me into different comfort zones, it slayed me, it challenged me. I was so in love with this time and album. I was high on life! singing through the streets of Berkeley late at night hoping to lil parties and riding my bike through the streets.The parties in Berkeley really stood out to me! To hang with the older groovy people, the clothes, the music, I was alive that summer and totally turned on to amazing stories that where all around me, life was buzzing like honey bee’s circling the sweetest flowers. I WAS ON FIRE….:)))) and in love with life and two women at the same time (that’s never happened again and it crushed me and them for years..there’s some deep sadness here but life is such a trip and we gotta take it and go for it)….I’ll just say Van Morrison’s Album got me through and opened me up to me and that is the greatness of music and the relationship that it plays on our lives and a great album seeps into your essence your person and really helps define your experience emotionally…a great album like this one is such a gift and as we know it’s rare to find great albums that really transform and elevate one’s experience. Moondance certainly did that for me…I can still see candles on the doorstep outside our house flickering from the garden..This Album is rad to me because it embodies a maestro soul stirrer in Van letting his heart out and his music matches his emotions…this album has deep sweetness in it and a touch of pain….it’s a crafted art piece that you can make love to or work to.

It gets the RadUncle High 5 Symbol of Chaka Yessnesss



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