“We Are Flesh and Blood..We Are Humanity” (Blog Post #194)

I was inspired to write this after I watched this 4 min video

Rev. Dr. Barber is a wonderful moral leader/10_All_Our_Children_PS_140_REDDY (271)_0 Moral Monday movement


What taketh

What giveth

I was born white in america and I was born in California. Everyone has there challenges this is a the law of life but what I’m going after is quality and integration of the humanity. The color code and the meshing of people from the different colors and backgrounds. Jewish, Chinese, Native Indian, Pakistan, Mexican…we as a human race have many different nations, religions, genders..The Melting Pot is what it is and if you could look at each culture, gender, religion as a stream flowing into a the ocean of life that’s us. That’s humanity that’s America that’s the world and we as American’s in many ways are still the New Playground where new breakthroughs are happening in regards to communities changing and melding and melting together.

How does and How do we create deep meaningful change in our communities (Our Culture..Our Country)

Education: Education: Education: Education: Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:Education: Education: Education: Education:

Radical education in the sense that everyone most be educated. I’m talking about the poorest of the poor…Our state and National Government should be on the highest forefront of change and deep change comes from Education

but EDUCATION isn’t always school education that is a big part but for “US” to really find balance amongst all the cultures is by bringing community together and it’s absolutely uncomfortable UNTIL WE DO IT and then what happens we begin to realize that they Hasidic Jew Family from France isn’t that much different then the Mexico Family from Guadalajara and that my family isn’t that much different then the African American Family from Tampa, Florida.diverse_kids_0

I believe our biggest issues is getting out of the comfort of our communities our nationalities our survival base…we as a race of humanity of people will begin to S L O W L Y change over many generations and generations but what is happening right now more then anytime in history is TECHNOLOGY is a spearhead of the MORAL CODE FOR HUMANITY.

Technology has changed the game of life forever and our Phones are the new gods of intelligence and influence. Our brands, Our Religions, Our Perceptions , Our Cultures…are changing..the young are not stuck in tradition as much as they use to be…Technology the devil (the influencer) is breaking down the dams with streams of information that are overflowing our society/s

When I say education. I mean equality. I mean humanity has no limits. The soul knows no limit of the human spirit it’s our dogma and our rooted belief systems that have been in place for many many many many years. Our story/stories are very rooted in survival and keeping the tribe alive we are talking about sticking together and making sure that are clan was going to make it and guess what we did. We did make it!!

And that Clan/Tribe/Religion/Nationality/Country will begin to melt together more and more as  pure TECHNOLOGY see’s no religion, no gender..all it see’s is limitless-ness.

We are all from the same source a mother and a father.


We are flesh and blood..we are humanity

Every being on the planet

Every Nationality

Every Religion

Every Culture

Every Gender

Every Race

Every Soul

is  and has a story and some of these stories are really fucking old..almost as old as time in itself. These traditions have deep roots and often times they create a complete traffic jam when it comes to change because we are survivors we are clan people that came from tribes and over many many many generations and thousands of years we have developed into Our brands, Our Religions, Our Perceptions , Our Cultures

and that will be for a long time but it’s changing and it’s changing fast we are at a new place in time with regards to TECHNOLOGY. 13253_10203363752199735_1867778008_n

Technology doesn’t see traditions and deep roots all it see’s is a limitless of experience and that will be the game changer …that will break “US” open and flood us to the breaking point but in this we will survive and we will find, morph, adapt and create new tribes and sub cultures that will begin to change history and create a New MORAL CODE FOR HUMANITY.














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