What are your “RadGoals” for 2017?

What are your RadGoals for 2017? images-6


I have a few that I’m starting to journal about and here are a few goals that I’m working on for 2017. Here are 6 on my short list for 2017 How about you? Inside each goal is a lot of energy and story…I’m really excited to have these goals and to work on them throughout 2017.


  1. LocalToGlobal- I’m focused on doing more radworki/community programs here in Los Angeles in 2017 and building a deeper rooted homebase through my involvement with the RadCommunity…To stay more connected with what is happening with local projects and programs for 2017..you can see what we are doing on our RadCommunity Page on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/radcommunity/
  2. RadSchoolDay/SaveTheArts- This year is about building out more and more the amazing RadAssemblies Program and crafting and retooling and it working on the magical activation platform that it is….activating the Heroes Journey…creating a magical environment for the Individual inside the group dynamic and creating that special unique ACTIVATION CENTER for amazing experiences.
  3. DIY Paint Kits- A Big Next Step for RadUncle is for us to keep creating a way to package more efficiently our DIY Paint Kits….This is a big goal for me professionally for 2017 to get the packaging up to a place where I can scale the brand to heights where I see thousands of people of all ages creating their “WalkingBillboardsOfRadNess” and sharing their creativity to the world
  4. Book Of Rad – “Inspire Engage Educate” taking my blog post and my personal journals and condensing them into a concentrated RadBook…I’ve been working on this the last month..this is one of my goals for 2017 to have a “Book Of Rad-Inspire Engage Educate”
  5. More Dancing/More Movement/More Nature/More Swimming…..I don’t have it in my schedule to go out dancing at nights it’s very rare but what I can do is Dance more at home and go to local yoga and community centers that put on modern movement classes “5 Rythms” and Swimming…Water Therapy is a must for me
  6. Greet The Sun in the morning and Meet the sun in the evening..I’m looking at ways to engage with the sun…I live in a beautiful place close to the beach and it’s important for me to give my praise to the sun and the beauty that’s around me

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