What’s For Dinner?.. Whole Chicken “Rad” Style with recipes from the Dinosaur Cookbook



You know the cold is coming..living here in Los Angeles a few blocks from the beach you can start to really feel the North West winds picking up and so by nature…RadUncle is getting hungry for everything hot, cooked, baked yummyville!!! So, just in the last few days i’ve been craving Chicken…and i was going to fry a whole organic chicken but something happened and i’m gonna share it with you with my ee cumming typos…i have a secret Rad Recipe from The Hungry Surfer Kitchen that resides in The Dinosaur Cookbook. It’s simple but Rad Crack when cooled right!!! Sweet Potatoes with Onions & Garlic. I cut up 2 lbs of one of the oldest root vegetables ever..a root that’s worth rooting for!!! & in Papua New Guinea they still go to old school 300 war on each other over this Old School Root Vegetable…maybe its Crack for them? I don’t know but when I get this recipe cooked just right the heavens open up!!!  1. 2 lbs of sw potatoes 2. 2 Onions chopped medium/small 3. 1 whole Garlic..cut medium 4. Kidnap one of your kids apple sauce boxes but don’t tell them (if u don’t have kids or an apple box packed away…use 2 oz of juice…u pick but don’t crazy on the liquid…the goal to the recipe is to make a convergence of flavors and make them dance between crunchy and moist..feel me!!! :)) ) 5. Sea Salt…please tell me you use only Sea Salt or Kosher Salt..over table salt…one of the 10 or 101 Golden Rules of The Hungry Surfer!!!! A must. 6. Black Pepper Another Golden Rule…Grind your Black Pepper…super fresh..makes the taste pop more!! 7. Olive Oil..xtra virgin…i am super generous with the Olive Oil & a side note..the just did a study and found that a one of the main links to people living over a 100 years old is when people eat up to 6-8oz a day of Olive Oil…..yes that much!!!! The body needs good fat to function with vital rad soul energy!!!!!

8. I love sculpture and massage and you should too when it comes to cooking….this a Rad Tip from The Hungry Surfer Kitchen..it makes the food taste better…really massage the ingredients together..get the lil nooks and cranny spots with the salt and pepper and olive oil.

9. I preheat the oven to 400 and then put in for 90 minutes and magic kingdom the road to food nirvana has opened the path to enlightenment

***10. So that’s my regular Sweet Potato Dinosaur Cookbook recipe (i have a bunch of these in my food journal which i keep in the kitchen when something really pops bingo)

But back to why i started to post today..the CHICKEN…today is about the chicken and i got a whole organic one from Whole Paycheck aka Whole Foods and i had them quarter it for me…so, today i did the recipe above bit added a few things 1. * I used fresh Bay Leaves that i got on my hike with my beat friend Funn Roberts and our kids on Sunday up in the Santa Monica Mountains
2. A tablespoon of dried Oregano

Thats it!!!! Its smelling good really good!!!!!! As i write this !!!


The other thing on the What’s For Dinner Tonight menu is S O U P….My body is a little cold and i’m planning on surfing quite a bit the next few days with our 1st NW swell of the early winter season…and i also had a neck and back piece from the chicken which doesn’t have a lot of meat but has tons of flavor so for the Chicken Soup like Grandma from the Old Country makes…
1. 3 Medium Onions cut medium to small
2. 6 Medium Carrots cut medium to small
3. 8 Stalks of Kale…cut medium to small
4. Chicken Back & Neck
5. Salt & Pepper
6. 1 Tablespoon unsalted butter
7. 2 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
8. Almost forgot…1 bulb of Garlic..cut medium to small

I massage the magic goodness together and give thanks.

Cook on medium heat for 3 minutes…mix and cook til golden color not brown!!! Then i add hot water…i go to where the water level hits just above the level of the Magic Goodness!!! Then i cook til boiling for about 15 mins then medium low heat for 90 minutes…..Old School Chicken Soup


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