What’s Your Definitive Purpose?

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The amazing gift of being human is the journey of being alive and just to get here we are miracles because we made it to this experience. We survived the 1st amazing race aka the ultimate “Survivor” and the 1st reality series was us being born and after that we grow and become who we are….So, I ask. What is my DEFINITIVE PURPOSE? What is President Rad’s crystalized core purpose….the diamond of being me.

Born Rad…That’s me that’s us and thats me sharing that…I understand that I’m here to INSPIRE, ENGAGE AND EDUCATE those simple basic fundamental beliefs.  That is why I believe a clothing brand can be important because it can share a mirror that reflects our highest selfs and to me creating “Walking Billboards Of RadNess” is my gift is my purpose…that’s been honed and scultptured and fine tuned and molded into this “Bright shining yesssssnessss” which is all of us and that is the magic…that is the brilliance of life.

Love to live, Live to love


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