Here’s A Rad Family Photo Shoot From The Russell Family in Laguna Beach, California


My  highschool classmate Mark Russell contacted me a few months ago through Facebook and really liked what I was doing with RadUncle. Him and his family where living abroad in Finland and once they got back to California he bought a bunch of RadUncle gear for his super rad son!!! Mark’s wife Susanna took this great shots of their son, daughter and their super radness super rad dog w his super rad shirt on!!!!!!!!!  This is awesome…I’m looking forward to more of this family photo shoots!! The Russell family bought 11 shirts, 2 hoodies and 2 hats!! They are super rad supporters from the super rad school of super radnesssssssssssss!!!!! It’s all about the RAD :))))) Big Shout Out To Mark Russell and his wonderful, amazing,…Rad Family!! Aloha T 

IMG_7353These are great photos!!!!! Love these shots!!!!!!!IMG_7375IMG_7365IMG_7425IMG_7430IMG_7317

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