Why is Autism rising & The Bee Population decreasing?

We are in the year 2015 and our kids are getting cancer and autism more then ever. This last year they believe that we lost over 50% of our Bee Population world wide. It leads us to the correlation of the environment and the use of chemicals that are detrimental to our societies overall health. When you look at the rise of Autism and you see that are young are getting sicker and sicker….is Autism connected to pesticides? Is it connected to our health? Is it connected to “We Are What We Eat” and Why are the Bee’s our pollen finders our cherubs in growing our food that we eat…why are they dying off at alarming rates…CHEMICALS

and MONSANTO is one of the leading chemical companies in the world and a big focus of what there company does is CHEMICAL Farming…they make their money selling chemicals and these chemicals and practices are killing the bees and our kids are by products of the next generation and Autism is rising at alarming rates in our society.

Chemicals and the after effects on our children and the bees…we are killing our future generations with the use of companies like Monsanto.

It’s time to RE-EDUCATE THE EDUCATED because Money can’t put a band aid on a sinking ship…If we keep putting more chemicals and more chemicals on top of each other we are going to poison our entire future generations.



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