World Cup Addiction

Maybe it’s the lil ball


And 3 billion people also watching that lil ball.

my friend jeremie drove from los angeles to brazil

I saw grown men today in the stands from algeria crying their eyes out and praying to allah

I met germans, columbians, australians, mexicans, koreans, italians, swiss, brazilians, argentinians, netherlands, greeks, iranians, ghanians, croatians and I’m sure I met a few other folks already here in los angeles.

this is the sickness that engulfs a man’s spirit that truly loves the world and all the great travels and experiences that go along with it but life has it’s way of creating your experience and you take that experience and you make it your own travel journey road map to your soul and for me I’m still traveling here in los angeles to all these wonderFull countries and being apart of their culture and heritage through this lil ball that most of the world is watching right now in villages with no electricity but they have a battery that they are running a tv frequiency off of ‘ala mad max’ to the high rises of dubai and all the way to iceland..the whole world is watching this lil ball and entire countries are in complete euphoria, agony and ectastasy living a daily novella soap opera as the heads of state and entire countries SHUT DOWN when their teams play.

Can you believe the countries of Costa Rica, Algeria, Mexico & Nigeria

How did they make the quarterfinals? and which one of them will keep advancing. The game with the lil ball that most of the world watches is truly exhilarating and completely intoxicating.

I’m addicted to this journey and the different experiences that I have the opportunity to experience each day of the cup. I’m more then a fan. I’m a traveler and I’m a RAD AMBASSADOR of the Lil Ball

The World’s Game or in this case…..




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