World Cup Hysteria and The Life Of The Fan!!!!

I’m losing it.

The truth is getting out of the bag again…every 4 years the beast…the hidden spirit animal of SuperFan comes out…Not quite sure what happens to me but I become obsessed enchanted crazed consumed by the ancient call of sport!!!!

Not exactly sure what happens but my focus is entralled by World Cup Soccer FANDOM….I love the spirit of humanity….I call it the WORLD PARTY….the next 3.5 days are going to be INSANE for Fans across the GLOBE….For WorldFans…The Storylines for these games and what they mean to this countries are absoulutely bonkers mania!!!! Here is a really cool video project that I did at the World Cup in Germany a few World Cups ago for Amp’d (Boost Mobile)….great story edit by Creator/Producer Quinn Hawking.

And Must …MUST GAMES to watch the next few days!!!!! For me and why.

1. COLUMBIA vs. SENEGAL on Thursday at 7am OMG…Both Teams are amazing and Columbia has to WIN and they have the team to win the cup or get to the Semi Finals and SENEGAL has the talent and spirit to put AFRICA (Continent) on the MAP…sTOKED on this GAME!! Thursday at 7am

2. Argentina vs. Nigeria (Argentina and Messi are hanging on for DEAR LIFE…the entire Country of Argentina is up in Mass saying Prayers to Gods Past and Future!!! If Argentina wins they advance and NIGERIA is really fun and powerful team….OMG RadNess Tuesday at 11am

3. MEXICO vs. SWEDEN……Mexico can win the group w a Win and they are out of the cup if they lose…….this is a scary game for MEXICO and what makes WOrld CUP Soccer Cruel….Mexico is playing amazing they could possibly be out of the cup…..Sweden is in the cup w a WIN!!! This will be a WAR of a GAME

AMazing game on Wednesday at 7am

4. England vs. Belgium…ARE U Kidding Me!!! OMG…The Top two scorers of the World Cup going Head to Head and the winner of this match…is the top of the Group!!! Great game on Thursday at 11am

5. Serbia vs. Brazil……Serbia is in the cup w a WIN….Brazil can win the bracket w a WIN…..This is a RadGAME!!!! Great game on Wednesday at 11am

6. France vs. Denmark…..Winner wins Group…Denmark has to win….This is a great game!!!! on Tuesday at 7am

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