I LOVE THE WORLD CUP!!!! and I’M ABSOLUTELY A NUTCASE RIGHT NOW ((((((((((((((:)))))))))))))))))) Follow Your RadNess

You know..I’ve been a vegan, I went on nomadic travels where I didn’t speak english for months, I’ve had malaria, hepatitis, dysentry and 20 other things that have names that I can’t spell….and I’ve gotta come clean to the world right now! I’ve tried for years to walk away from being a sports fan…but the hunger and desire to compete is so primitive and deep..I just can’t get over watching amazing athletes compete at the highest of their potential for their country for themselves for their families for their hometown…….ARE U KIDDING ME!!!! ….THE WORLD CUP IS HERE AND I’M IN FREAK OUT ZONE…I WANT TO RUN THROUGH A WALL RIGHT NOW. I’M SO PUMPED!!!! I AM OFFICIALLY “JACKED UP” WE ARE IN THE “CHAKAZONE” PEOPLE!!!!


Young World Cup Soccer FansSUC52995


That’s me in the middle of the American Outlaw Superfans…..What a great time!!! The World Cup is really the World Party!! Everyone you meet wants to enjoy and share their greatness of their country and THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!

S T O K E D !!!!

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