Year Of The Teen/National Boys and Girls Club Conference n Dallas

I was honored to be the opening Keynote Speaker at this years National Boys and Girls Club Conference in Dallas, Texas.


It was profound for me to share, give, teach, spread, hear, listen, engage and give everything that I could at that time, place and moment.

Not only was I fortunate to speak to the 3000 Attendees but I got the opportunity to teach 4 workshops on different subjects that are dear to me like Social Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding (Your Storied Life) and I was one of 3 Judges for the Talent Show (Which had some honest to goodness controversy to say the least) I’ll just sat that the 2nd place winner was the only one to get a perfect score from any of the judges and two of the 3 Judges gave a perfect score to the 2nd place winner…I was amazed to see the 3rd judge give a medium score (Perhaps we where watching a different event)


My personal highlight for me was showing up and being there for the kids and directors of the local clubs. Listening to their stories and hearing about their clubs and lives and what they go through on the daily and how they make the clubs work and activate as a place of love and support.

1240554_10153062191964058_6739412459563278509_nI learned a lot about the awesome rooted place that the Boys and Girls Clubs have for kids all over the country and what that means to sooooo many of these kids today, yesterday and now heading to the future.unnamed-1

A lot of kids slip through the cracks of school, home, community, church, teams, groups, clubs, society and the Boys and Girls Club takes ALL kids and a lot of those kids are the kids that don’t fit in per say or don’t have the community/church/family/team/school structure that a lot of kids have and the Club offers a resting place to interact and learn and have a deep nourishing social framework that leads to a much needed support system for a lot of kids…Not all the kids have tough up bringings but a lot of the kids do and for all the kids that attend the Boys and Girls Clubs they all get a much needed place to be themselves.10391931_10153056026009058_2644830192687259895_n

I was honored to share my love and everything that I’ve learned in my life so far and to give those kids and directors a deep story of “NOW” and how to activate the human experience of going for your highest potential and being a change maker in your life, community, school, club and family.

My goal was to activate and plant the Rad Seed that “WE” are all brilliant and we are 1st and foremost “MIRACLES”….”We Are Miracles” to be here NOW and for us to tap into our highest potentials we must all come from a rooted place to grow, expand, change, heal, educate and to become masters of our destinies. unnamed-1

I talked to the kids/adults about activating their personal (Highest) POTENTIAL and I started with them by educating themselves by knowing themselves and the 1st thing you need to do is be comfortable with you and a part of my speech was teaching them about MEDITATION and the art of finding your true story is by finding and cherishing your breath…because know one can take you away from YOU if you can find your deepest and truest self ..this is about living the AUTHENTIC life.8924e6db-15d5-4701-9924-b5efc8eed5b2

For me that was one of my greatest moments at the conference and having later hundreds of kids thank me and call me RadUncle..and have some of the directors around the country/world tell me that I inspired them to meditate and get to know themselves in a different way then what they’ve been taught so far….that was truly a beautiful feeling and highlight for me as teacher/facilitator.


*I got to teach/create a magical “Social Entrepreneurship” experience and I was blessed to have 4 of the national staff from Atlanta help me set up and we had a great time prepping the room and event. Deep thank you to the National Team!!

12376382_10150634162749949_3063528644793409967_nOn this special day with 500 + kids…it was amazing to talk about Social Entrepreneurship and to see Gandhi, MLK, Nelson Mandela and the path of creating change in society by creating voices in communities. The more I was teaching the more I realized was the importance of creating communities by aligning people to their highest potential and social change has it’s deepest success when you are turning people on to their voice and that’s where the magic lives and It was great to feel the love and magic in Dallas.


Much Love/I’m stoked to speak and teach and share my love and passion and to create change in the world


Love Tony/RadUncle12472417_10153075168154058_8610077470678559936_n





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